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School Supply Deals

At Office Depot, I picked up 3 ten-packs of store brand pens for 25 cents each.  We got to choose from black, blue, green, and red ink.  I also picked up 10 folders for a penny each.  Since it’s teacher appreciation week, I got a discount on duck tape, bringing it down to $3.18 a roll.

At Staples, I got 10 more folders for a penny each, 2 Avery binders for $1 each, a post-it memo book for $1, 2 four-packs of glue sticks for $1 each, 4 packages of 5 Bic 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencils, and a mini-poly snap envelope for $1.  I couldn’t find the personal tissue packs for a penny each, and spent quite a bit of time at customer service getting prices adjusted.

Just a word of advice, Roseart crayons, Office Max pencils and crayons, and Scholastic crayons go straight in the trash when someone brings them in to my classroom.  They just don’t work!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day on Saturday morning at Office Depot and Staples here in Farmington!




Office Depot–cheap paper!

I stopped at Office Depot today to run some copies, and found Hammermill paper reams on sale.  Each ream has 625 sheets, and they are 2 for $5.  That’s the equivalent of $20 for a case, which is my buy price.  In Farmington, they also have a whole cart of cleaning supplies for $1 each.

School supply deals and Teacher Appreciation days

Had a great trip to Staples this morning!  I bought

two 1″ durable binders–$1 each

two legal pads–1 cent each

two packs of 5 tab insertables–1 cent each

4 packs of 6 Staples Remarx dry erase markers–$1 each

2 bottles of dry erase board cleaner–$1 each

4 packs of 2 Bic Velocity Retractable pens–.25 each

I’ll be hitting Target later for some  glitter crayons–8 pack for 99 cents.  They also have a 16 g flash drive for 9.99.  In the ad, there are some coupons for dorm stuff.  They make a small refrigerator with wipe off surface $89 and a 3 shelf bookcase $14.99.  Rose Art glue is 25 cents for a bottle or 2 sticks, but I’ll wait until Elmers goes on sale.

Office Depot didn’t have anything to write home about this week.  I did find out that both Staples and Office Depot have their teacher appreciation mornings in Farmington scheduled for 8/4 from 9-11.  Office Max usually has theirs on a Sunday, so it looks like theirs is scheduled for July 29th.  If you’re not in Farmington, try going to the store’s website and searching for Teacher Appreciation to find when yours is scheduled.


Personalized products–cheap!

I’ve been going a little crazy on Vistaprint lately.  First I found MoneySavingMom’s link (dead now), and then when I saw it again on Mom’s By Heart, I thought, “I have to order more stuff!”  I was inspired by this post at The Learning Tree and by Mrs. Starbuck’s Home Page.  I just came across another idea at Ashleigh’s Education Journey and another at Transitional Kinder.  So in 3 orders, I’ve purchased:

500 business cards for school

500 cards for people who can’t park (want some?  I’m giving these out!)

500 meeting reminder cards for school

a t-shirt for my dad for his annual summer party

a sticky note pad with one of my favorite sayings on it for school

a sticky note pad monogrammed and personalized with my daughter’s name and initial

a tote bag for my daughter

a personalized pen for school

10 thank you cards for school

a rubber stamp that says “This was checked together in school”

and spent about $25.  I don’t order all the things that are on the blog’s link page.  I order what I want, and then go to the blue tabs at the top to look for more free things.  These change fairly frequently–I’ve ordered address labels and mugs before, too.  If you go into sticker shock at the shipping, be sure to click the standard shipping–it’s not the default–and you can remove items to make the shipping drop.  I had another t-shirt and tote bag in my cart, and when I removed them, the shipping dropped $6!  When I received the tote bag that I did order, it was printed wrong.  They immediately sent me the correct one (received in about a week), and I got to keep the wrong one.  On everything I order, to keep it free, the vista print website is printed on the item.  It’s very small, and not noticeable at all.  Except to my family members, who look for it.

School Supply deals are in full swing

Update:  there’s a limit of 4 on the mechanical pencils and dry erase markers at Staples.  I won’t post anything else on Office Max because it is simply too much trouble.  They were out of stock on the glue sticks and dry erase markers, nothing was marked, and I spent half an hour looking for just a handful of items.  Finally I just left the stuff I did find.  Think I’ll skip them until Teacher Appreciation Day.

Target:  I bought 15 packages of Crayola Markers for 99 cents each this morning.  Their dollar spot has a 70% off sale in Farmington, and I got pens for 15 cents each, notepads for 30 cents, and lots of stuff for my treasure box.  Poly folders are 50 cents each, and I may go back for the $4 12-ct dry erase crayons.  If you’re needing an insulated lunch bag, they have them for $3.

I plan to hit Office Max this week for glue sticks–25 cents for a 4 pack, limit 3, and 1″ binders–$1, limit 2.  They are offering 10 folders for free with a minimum $5 purchase.  There are coupons in the ad for a few deals, including Avery 8-Tab Ready index dividers for $2, limit 3, Sharpie markers 12-pk for $1 limit 1 and Quartet 4-pk dry erase markers for $1, limit 2.   They also have composition notebooks for 50 cents each, but I’m good there.  There’s a 4 g lollypop flash drive for $4.99 that’s awfully cute, but sadly, I have plenty of flash drives, too!

Staples did finally put their backpacks on sale last week (and continue to be on sale this week), so I picked up a High Sierra for $35.  This week, they have glue for 1 cent each limit 2 and an 8 pack of pens for 1 cent each limit 2 with a $5 purchase.  They also have Rose Art crayons for a penny a box limit 2 with the $5 purchase, but those are junk–not even worth a penny.  Papermate .7mm mechanical pencils are 25 cents for a package of 5, and Bic dry erase markers are 50 cents for a 4 pack. So provided they actually put this stuff on sale, I should be able to make the $5 minimum easily enough and come away with what I need.

Office Depot is offering some cute stuff for 100% back in rewards, and Staples and Office Max had a couple good deals with easy rebates.

School Supply deals are starting!

Update:  Guess I won’t be buying anything this week–Staples chose not to use the ad on the website, and NOTHING was on sale!

Looks like I’ll be headed to buy some supplies this week.


  • Staples 3×4.25″ Memo Book with Magnetic Closure 60-sheets – $0.50
  • Staples 4×6″ Side Bound Journal with Pen – $1
  • 1″ Avery Durable Binder – $1
  • Paper Mate Infinite Lead Mechanical Pencils 3pk – $1
  • Staples 3×3″ Self-Stick Notes with Hardcover – $1
  • Crayola Class Markers 10pk – $1
  • Backpacks are 25-50% off
There’s a limit of 4 each.
Office Depot
8 g Lexar Twist and Turn Flash drive–$7.99
Not a lot of deals, but the backpack selection should be pretty good now, and it’ll be nice to cross a couple things off my list.

Winding down the school supply deals

Haven’t been out yet, but here’s what looks good to me:

Office Max:  1 cent rulers, pocket folders, metal compass, or protractor (limit 3 except for folders–limit 5), 2 pack of Westcott scissors–50 cents (limit 3), school markers 15 cents (limit 3)

Staples:  9 cents for 8 pk of pencils (limit 2 with $5 purchase), notebooks for 9 cents (limit 2 with $5 purchase), poly folders 25 cents each (limit 5), hard-sided memo book 50 cents, 50-pack cd envelopes $3, white board cleaner $2

Office Depot:  1 cent for slider pencil box (limit 5), Case of HP copy paper for $24.99

So, yeah…not a lot we haven’t already seen.  The markers are probably the only thing I’ll make an effort on, even though those scissors are a pretty good deal, too.  But one cent items are as close as you can get to free.  Now if only I could think of a really good use for those slider pencil boxes…..