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A Lot of New freebies

Received:  Tom’s of Maine deodorant sample, necklace, Guideposts magazine, Working Woman magazine, Popular Science magazine, Nescafe Memento samples, Herbal Essences free product coupon, Oscar Meyer free product coupon

Requested:  another free card from with code:  CCK2248, free downloadable lesson from Carson Delosa,  6 issues Working Woman magazine I said no to all the offers, but selected a $10 gc to a shoestore, Nescafe Memento samples, Vi-John’s Simply U shampoo and conditioner samples,  Glade free product coupons from BzzAgent, Purina Healthy Weight cat chow sample, Finish Dishwashing booster sample,



Received:  $50 Starbucks gift card (contest prize!), Parents magazine, Woolite Extra Dark Care detergent sample, another Honey Nut Cheerios sample, Ladies Home Journal magazine, Woman’s Day magazine,

Requested:  Post-It Super Sticky Full Adhesive sample

More Ways to Save Money has beautiful cards that can be personalized with your own text and photos.  They offer free shipping to send the card to you, or will charge the price of a stamp to send it to someone else.  The cards themselves usually run about $2.99, but they typically offer a free card about once a month.  If you plan ahead to the next occasion you’ll need a card, you will seldom have to purchase one.  The code right now is FRIEND12, which expires 8/5/12.

Recyclebank  offers opportunities for learning about going green and rewards you points for actions.  You can redeem the points for gift cards, high value coupons, magazine subscriptions and more.

I just won a $50 gift card to Starbucks from entering a contest listed at Penniless Teacher.  I’ve also won a $100 Walmart gift card, a case of cookies, and some other cool stuff by entering contests.  Blogs often have few people who enter contests, so the odds are really good.

MyCokeRewards is another place to enter codes that you find online or on Coke products to get gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or high value coupons.

Freecycle is a great organization that gives people the opportunity to pass on used items, avoiding the landfill and saving money.  You can post requests and offers, though general courtesy is understood to post an offer before posting a request.  Additionally, it is expected that if you receive an item from Freecycle, you won’t be selling that item.  Be sure to let someone know where you will be picking something up for safety’s sake.

Some new free stuff

Received:  Dwell magazine, a little fabric carrier, Kind bar, Purina cat food sample, cardstore card, McDonald’s chocolate chip frappe (from a BOGO coupon), my new logo:

Ripe Concepts developed the logo–they sent 2 different designs, but I loved this one!  They were really friendly and easy to work with.  I’d definitely recommend them if you need any design work done.

Requested:  Little League Collectable Pin, coupon for free quart of paint from ACE Hardware on Saturday

A couple more freebies

Received:  Febreeze Air Freshener, coffee at Durango Joes today thanks to Vectra Bank

Requested:  Nescafe Momento sample, Huggies Pull-ups sample, Parents magazine 7-issue subscription, Pet Safety sticker

Saving Money on Groceries

Þ  Don’t be choosy!  It’s fine to stick to one or two brands that work much better than other brands for a few items.  Branching out for other items, though, will save you money.  When one of 5 brands goes on sale, has a high-value coupon, or offers a sample, you have a better chance to get it more cheaply than if you will only buy one brand.  An example?  Laundry detergent.  I buy All, Tide, Gain, or Purex.  When All goes on sale at Target for $3.99 for 24 loads, and I use a $1 off coupon, that’s a good deal.  When Tide goes on sale for $5.24 at Safeway, and I have a $2 off coupon, I get another good deal.  When I get samples of Purex, Gain, and Tide in the mail, I get free loads of laundry.  Combine them, and I save money.


Þ  Use coupons! The best way to get coupons is to ask for them.  Printed coupons are not accepted as often as other coupons.  Ask your friends and family to save coupons for you.  Email or write companies that make products you like.  Request them online.  At Target, you can use their printable coupons (|&intc=263580|null) with a manufacturer’s coupon at the same time.  You can use Safeway’s store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, too.  Here are some websites that I like to check in with daily (click on the images to visit the sites):





Þ  Request samples!  Normally you get to try the product or get extra of something you already use…plus a coupon!  Some samples are even full-size products.  I request samples even if I won’t use the product to get on a mailing list for other samples.  Then I give away what I don’t use.  The websites for coupons also blog about samples.


Þ  When requesting coupons and samples, don’t give them your real:

  • Birthdate: choose a birthday similar to yours to use for all of your requests
  • Phone number: sign up at for a “junk” phone number
  • Email:  Sign up at for a “junk” email


Þ  Earn free gift cards!  When you read emails, search, make online purchases, or enter codes from products or online, you get points.  When you get enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards.  Sites I use are (click on images to visit the sites):







Þ  Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll see more ways you may want to try saving money—rebates, the drugstore game, using coupons at stores and restaurants, and more.  Some may be worth your time and effort, and some may not.  Anything you do, though, will help save money on your groceries!

Some new freebies

Received:  Free package of 8 Papermate pens from Target using coupon on their site, Cardstore greeting card, 2 liter bottle of Pepsi Next (coupon from paper inserts from a few weeks ago),

Requested:  Sebamed Face/body wash sample, Eucerin Lotion sample, Loreal EverPure shampoo sample, 3 tea bags from Tea Forte (dead already), sample of Honey Nut Cheerios (also dead), Downy Unstoppables sample (out for this week, but will be restocked next week)

Will get soon:  free Route 44 drink from Sonic–got a receipt with an online survey in exchange for a code for the drink :o)