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Some new freebies

Received:  $25 egiftcard for Home Depot from Swagbucks, $10 Starbucks gift card from Swagbucks, stuffed animal from Disney Movie Rewards, Target coupons, $1 off any milk coupon

Free in shopping:  2 full-size tubes Colgate toothpaste (.99 sale price at Safeway, used 2 .50 coupons that doubled), used free Fresh Express Salad mix coupon for a bag of salad

Requested:  Popular Science magazine, Natural Nibbles dog treats, $15 Itunes gift card from Swagbucks, Green Mountain coffee sample, $25 gift card for Target from Mypoints

A very late school supply update

I’m sorry!  I forgot that Staples ends their extreme deal on Wed., so I missed passing on the notebooks for a penny.  I struck out on the other deal I really liked there–small composition books (great for Word Collectors).  They were out of stock.

Office Depot had a great sale on dry erase crayons–$2.49 a package.  We also picked up locker shelf for $3, a gel pen for .50, a planner for $8.99 and a small storage crate for $1.  I got 20% off of everything since it’s teacher appreciation week.  Their breakfast and freebies is Saturday morning.

Office Max had filler paper on extreme deal for a penny each (limit 3) and poly folders for .25 each (limit 6).  I gave my daughter money, and we doubled the limit.  Total:  $1.64 for each person.

I had $1 Target coupons for Sharpie, so I got 2 packs of 2 ultra-fine tip Sharpies for free.  Pencil sharpeners were 20 cents each, so I picked up 4.  I had 3 Target $1 Papermate coupons, so I bought 3 packs of 2 felt tip pens for .94 each.  Rose Art Markers were .50 each, so I bought 10 boxes.  The signage said you got a free pack of crayons with purchase of those, but the crayons are worthless so I didn’t bother.  I had a Target coupon for $1 off a $2 purchase of Post-its, so I bought 2 Super Sticky pads for $1 each, making them .50 each.  I also bought a large roll of Scotch tape for $2.24 minus a $1 Target coupon.  Bic Mechanical Pencils were .90 cents each, and I had a Target $1/2 coupon, so that brought each pack down to .40.  Not school supplies, but Alexia Sweet Potato fries were clearanced to $2.78 each, and I had 2 Alexia coupons, so $1.78 a package.  Total spent:  $16.05.

Used that $10/$10 at JC Penney to buy dd a tank top, pair of leggings, and t-shirt for $3.70.


Free stuff today

Received:  Free large iced tea from Durango Joes (local coffee shop) due to Vectra Bank promotion, nice jumbo paperclip from The Sisters (Daily Five program I use in school), coupon for free Pantene product,

Used my $10 of $10 JC Penney coupon to get 2 nice pillows for a little over $3.  Regular price is $11.99, sale is 2nd one for $1.

Requested:  L’oreal Samples (Everclean Intense Shampoo, Conditioner, and Humidity-Defying Leave in Creme), $1 coupon for milk, Jaden Chinese Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix Packet,

Free stuff and great deals at Target

Received:  full size box of Kashi Pita Chips, another Target coupon book, small caramel mocha iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts (used a coupon from Sunday paper), Itunes song from Starbucks (a free card every week with a code for a new song, no purchase required)

Requested:  $2.50 coupon for Bounce Dryer Bar from Vocalpoint, book “Crazy Love

Target:  tank top:  $3.24 – $3.00 Target Plus size clothing coupon= .24, leggings on clearance for $2.50, knee high socks on clearance for $1.87, ankle socks (1 pair) on clearance for .37, Dove chocolate $3.49 – $1.00 coupon= $2.49, Kashi snack bars $2.99- $2 coupon from Recyclebank, Guldens Mustard 1.39 – .35 coupon = $1.04, 2 pack of CFL bulbs on sale for $6 – $1.50 coupon from Target = $4.50, 2 packs of 24 count Command Poster Strips (the best things to hang up posters, papers without harming walls) $3.49 each – $1 Target coupon each = $2.49 each, Crest toothpaste for Tweens $2.79- $1 Sunday paper coupon = 1.79, Nail color clearanced from $10.49 to 5.97 – $1.00 Sunday paper coupon = $4.97, 2 Suave Dry Shampoo–$2.74 each – 2 free product coupons = $0, 2 Ziplock square containers $2.44 each – $1.50 Sunday paper coupon – .50 Target mailer coupon = 1.44 each, Special K crackers $2.59 each – $1 coupon – $1 Target coupon = 1.59 each

Coupon total was $25.87; Clearance Total was $17.51.  Sure was a fun trip!

School Supply (and other) deals this week

Staples:  I picked up 25 packages of 3×5 index cards for .01 each, 25 packages of 8 pencils for .01 each, and 25 packes of 2 Sharpee Highlighters for .01 each.  1” blue and black binders are $1 apiece, and 5-tab dividers are .50 each.  So with 4 5-tab dividers and 3 binders, the $5 minimum purchase was made–$5.75 plus tax.

Office Depot:  I bought 20 packs of 24-count Crayola Crayons for .25 each.  I also bought 4 individual Sharpees in colors I didn’t have for .50 each.  $5.50

Target:  2 rolls of Scotch Tape for .50 were free when I used 2 coupons from the Target website.  I also used Target coupons to buy 4 packs of 10 Bic pens for free.  Their summer items were on clearance, and I found a set of 3 small sports balls for $1.99, 2 waterguns for $.99 and $1.24, a slip and slide for $1.24, a long sand shovel for .49, 3 packs of sidewalk chalk for .24 each, and a pack of 2 hi-bounce balls for .50.  Crayola 10-packs of markers (not washable) are marked down to .99 each now.  I’m watching for Papermate pens and Crayola dry erase crayons to go on sale.

Office Max has filler paper for .01 each, limit 2 right now—will try to get by later this week for that.

Great yard sale and thrift store finds this weekend!  A huge net bag full of sand toys and Frisbees for $3, a soccer beanbag for $2, a loom for .50, a floor lamp for $3, 2 table lamps for $8, fabric for making “tapa” drawings this week for $1, a novel Megan and I wanted to read that just came out for $1, a swim shirt for Megan for $2.25, a BOGO sale on books at a thrift store—got 5 books for free, 6 Heathcliff and Snoopy books for $1, and a Christmas present for Megan (sorry—can’t tell) marked down from $99 to $33.  Since I didn’t get to go home this weekend, I have 20 lamps and 18 lampshades hanging out in my car.  With all the other stuff, I’m running out of room!

Some free stuff

Received:  free jr. shake from Arby’s with a coupon, coupon (click here)  for free Chicken Garlic Breast entree at Panda Express for today, coupon for free (click here) lettuce wraps with purchase at PF Changs

Requested:  Avery Pocket tabs, free salad coupon from Vocalpoint (no longer available)

Great deals for school this week!

Gotta brag:  got 10 lamps with shades for $40 at a thrift store today.  The manager forgot to load a floor lamp, so as soon as I can pick that up, it’ll be 11.  With the Daily Five, they suggest switching to banks of lights (6 to a power strip) to minimize the effects of florescent lights, and to save money.  I’m short a couple of shades, but I have enough for 3 banks now.

Target:  I used 2 sharpee coupons here and 2 scotch coupons here to get 4 sharpee markers and 2 rolls of tape free, used the Target coupon for post-it flags or tabs plus another coupon (no longer available) to get a pack for .74, and I bought 15 packages of Rose Art markers for .75 each.  I also needed a notebook for ABQ, so picked one up for 20 cents.

For other products, I used a $2 Benedryl coupon (no longer available) to get an itch relief pen for .29, a manufacturers (I used a $1 one, but here’s a .75 one) and Target coupon to get a Ritz Crackerfuls box for .54, a $1 manufacturers coupon to get Mini-Wheats for $1.50, a $1 manufacturers coupon to get shampoo for $2.59

Staples:  got 25 packages of 8 Bic pens for .01 each, 25 packages of 12 pencil cap erasers for .01 each, and 25 bottles of Staples glue for .01 each.  Also got 8 packages of Staples page markers for .25 each, 10 plastic folders for .25 each, and a High Sierra backpack for 1/2 price…$24.99.   Last year, I paid $35 plus shipping for this backpack; I did some research and it seemed to be the sturdiest.  I’m allowed to exceed the 2 per person limit with my teacher rewards card.  I always check with the manager before loading up, though.

I plan on stopping by Office Max this week.  They have basic pencil sharpeners and 2 pocket folders for a penny each, limit 5 with a $5 purchase.  If you can’t get the sharpee coupon for Target, or you need more, they also have a 12 pack for $1.  All 3 office stores (Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples) have some good deals for rebates, but I don’t do rebates.