A few books for the week

Judgement Call by J.A. Jance:  I thought this was one of the better books in the Sheriff Brady series.  The high school principal is killed, and the investigation reveals lots of layers.  Lots of plot twists made the ending really interesting.  I don’t know how writers can keep up with subplots and false leads.  There was only one instance where I thought she dropped the ball, and it wasn’t significant.

XO by Jeffrey Deaver:  This is a Kathryn Dance novel, and Lincoln Rhyme and company make an appearance.  A young singer is being stalked, and people around her are dying.  Her friend, Kathryn, happens to be in town, and horns in on the case.  Deaver had way too much fun comparing the victim to Taylor Swift.  I didn’t think that character was well-developed.  It was a decent story, though.

Storm Cycle by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen (her son):  I have got to remember that she really throws a lot of romance into her books.  And there was double the romance in this one!  Rachel Kirby is a genius who developed an innovative way to utilize computers, in part to research a cure for her sister’s fatal disease.  As she seeks out this cure, she’s caught up in a race to make millions and a search for an ancient Egyptian doctor’s possible treatment for her sister’s disease.  The action was good; the romance too predictable and contrived.


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