School Supply Deals

At Office Depot, I picked up 3 ten-packs of store brand pens for 25 cents each.  We got to choose from black, blue, green, and red ink.  I also picked up 10 folders for a penny each.  Since it’s teacher appreciation week, I got a discount on duck tape, bringing it down to $3.18 a roll.

At Staples, I got 10 more folders for a penny each, 2 Avery binders for $1 each, a post-it memo book for $1, 2 four-packs of glue sticks for $1 each, 4 packages of 5 Bic 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencils, and a mini-poly snap envelope for $1.  I couldn’t find the personal tissue packs for a penny each, and spent quite a bit of time at customer service getting prices adjusted.

Just a word of advice, Roseart crayons, Office Max pencils and crayons, and Scholastic crayons go straight in the trash when someone brings them in to my classroom.  They just don’t work!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day on Saturday morning at Office Depot and Staples here in Farmington!




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