School supply deals and Teacher Appreciation days

Had a great trip to Staples this morning!  I bought

two 1″ durable binders–$1 each

two legal pads–1 cent each

two packs of 5 tab insertables–1 cent each

4 packs of 6 Staples Remarx dry erase markers–$1 each

2 bottles of dry erase board cleaner–$1 each

4 packs of 2 Bic Velocity Retractable pens–.25 each

I’ll be hitting Target later for some  glitter crayons–8 pack for 99 cents.  They also have a 16 g flash drive for 9.99.  In the ad, there are some coupons for dorm stuff.  They make a small refrigerator with wipe off surface $89 and a 3 shelf bookcase $14.99.  Rose Art glue is 25 cents for a bottle or 2 sticks, but I’ll wait until Elmers goes on sale.

Office Depot didn’t have anything to write home about this week.  I did find out that both Staples and Office Depot have their teacher appreciation mornings in Farmington scheduled for 8/4 from 9-11.  Office Max usually has theirs on a Sunday, so it looks like theirs is scheduled for July 29th.  If you’re not in Farmington, try going to the store’s website and searching for Teacher Appreciation to find when yours is scheduled.



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