Personalized products–cheap!

I’ve been going a little crazy on Vistaprint lately.  First I found MoneySavingMom’s link (dead now), and then when I saw it again on Mom’s By Heart, I thought, “I have to order more stuff!”  I was inspired by this post at The Learning Tree and by Mrs. Starbuck’s Home Page.  I just came across another idea at Ashleigh’s Education Journey and another at Transitional Kinder.  So in 3 orders, I’ve purchased:

500 business cards for school

500 cards for people who can’t park (want some?  I’m giving these out!)

500 meeting reminder cards for school

a t-shirt for my dad for his annual summer party

a sticky note pad with one of my favorite sayings on it for school

a sticky note pad monogrammed and personalized with my daughter’s name and initial

a tote bag for my daughter

a personalized pen for school

10 thank you cards for school

a rubber stamp that says “This was checked together in school”

and spent about $25.  I don’t order all the things that are on the blog’s link page.  I order what I want, and then go to the blue tabs at the top to look for more free things.  These change fairly frequently–I’ve ordered address labels and mugs before, too.  If you go into sticker shock at the shipping, be sure to click the standard shipping–it’s not the default–and you can remove items to make the shipping drop.  I had another t-shirt and tote bag in my cart, and when I removed them, the shipping dropped $6!  When I received the tote bag that I did order, it was printed wrong.  They immediately sent me the correct one (received in about a week), and I got to keep the wrong one.  On everything I order, to keep it free, the vista print website is printed on the item.  It’s very small, and not noticeable at all.  Except to my family members, who look for it.

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