Blindman’s Bluff (Faye Kellerman) and The Innocent (David Baldacci)

Blindman’s Bluff is part of the Peter Decker series.  This one had a lot more twists to it than I remember others in the series having.  A wealthy family is gunned down, killing several members of the family.  Since the main guy employed ex-cons for his security, it seems like it would be an easy matter to figure out  the who and the why.  A blind man overhears a conversation between two of the people involved in the killings, which adds more pieces to an already-complicated puzzle.  This one was a lot of fun to read–well, as much as reading about murders can be!

Robie is a hired killer for the government in The Innocent.  He’s very good, and when he steps into a situation that doesn’t look right, he refuses to kill the target.  That’s when his world goes crazy.  And since his world was already pretty crazy…it’s pretty intense.  Baldacci usually plays a little loose with suspension of disbelief.  He always involves a little romance, too–not my favorite parts.  Robie gets thrown together with a 14 year-old girl with major problems of her own.  The romantic interest comes later, as Robie is figuring out what went wrong, who he can trust, and how in-depth this situation really is.  A good read.


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