School Supply deals are in full swing

Update:  there’s a limit of 4 on the mechanical pencils and dry erase markers at Staples.  I won’t post anything else on Office Max because it is simply too much trouble.  They were out of stock on the glue sticks and dry erase markers, nothing was marked, and I spent half an hour looking for just a handful of items.  Finally I just left the stuff I did find.  Think I’ll skip them until Teacher Appreciation Day.

Target:  I bought 15 packages of Crayola Markers for 99 cents each this morning.  Their dollar spot has a 70% off sale in Farmington, and I got pens for 15 cents each, notepads for 30 cents, and lots of stuff for my treasure box.  Poly folders are 50 cents each, and I may go back for the $4 12-ct dry erase crayons.  If you’re needing an insulated lunch bag, they have them for $3.

I plan to hit Office Max this week for glue sticks–25 cents for a 4 pack, limit 3, and 1″ binders–$1, limit 2.  They are offering 10 folders for free with a minimum $5 purchase.  There are coupons in the ad for a few deals, including Avery 8-Tab Ready index dividers for $2, limit 3, Sharpie markers 12-pk for $1 limit 1 and Quartet 4-pk dry erase markers for $1, limit 2.   They also have composition notebooks for 50 cents each, but I’m good there.  There’s a 4 g lollypop flash drive for $4.99 that’s awfully cute, but sadly, I have plenty of flash drives, too!

Staples did finally put their backpacks on sale last week (and continue to be on sale this week), so I picked up a High Sierra for $35.  This week, they have glue for 1 cent each limit 2 and an 8 pack of pens for 1 cent each limit 2 with a $5 purchase.  They also have Rose Art crayons for a penny a box limit 2 with the $5 purchase, but those are junk–not even worth a penny.  Papermate .7mm mechanical pencils are 25 cents for a package of 5, and Bic dry erase markers are 50 cents for a 4 pack. So provided they actually put this stuff on sale, I should be able to make the $5 minimum easily enough and come away with what I need.

Office Depot is offering some cute stuff for 100% back in rewards, and Staples and Office Max had a couple good deals with easy rebates.


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  1. Posted by Elizabeth on July 9, 2012 at 1:25 am

    We were just at Office Max this afternoon, got the folders, the sharpies, and picked up 20 #2 pencils for a buck. Need to get to Target – need new markers, dry erase crayons, and colored pencils. Sam’s Club has HUGE dry erase boards for under $20, so heading there Wedensday to grab one. (hopefully they won’t be sold out!)


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