Curses, Inc and Other Stories by Vivian Vande Velde

I discovered Vande Velde’s books about 10 years ago, and she’s become one of my favorite young adult authors.  The stories in Curs, Inc. all have something to do with some type of curse…of course.  The thing with Vande Velde is that she works on building that suspension of disbelief so that it’s not a huge stretch, and she throws in some great twists along the way.  Being a book of stories, my mind springs to ways I would have used this in the classroom–assign each of the 10 stories to a pair of kids, and have them each do a “story-talk” on their story, then compare and contrast the stories, relate to modern day “curses,” etc.  Oh, and definitely read the intro and last chapter for some great insight into an author’s mind.  These are fun, easy stories for tweens and teens.


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