The Litigators by John Grisham

I have thoroughly enjoyed every law mystery John Grisham has put out, until this one.

David Zinc is a high-paid, overworked attorney who snaps at his big firm, spends the entire day drinking, and lands a new job with a tacky “firm” of 2 lawyers.  He has money socked away, and is thrilled to start a new life.  One of the firm’s lawyers begins a tort case, hoping to score big.  David stumbles across a little boy who was horribly brain injured by playing with lead-poisoned toys.  The lawyers face a barracuda in court over the drug tort case, and David adjusts to a new life of freedom.

The chapters on David’s breakdown were promising, but there was really not a lot to hold my attention on the tort.  It all seemed a little surreal, just a little out of reach of suspension of disbelief.  I was disappointed.


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