Mice by Gordon Reece

A mother and her 14 year old daughter have left abuse behind to start a new life.  The husband abused both the mother and daughter emotionally, and then abandoned them.  The teen was horrifically abused by her former friends to the point of being left with facial burn scars and and suicidal thoughts.  The story of their new life is told from the viewpoint of the daughter.  They are able to find a cottage deep in the woods, where the mother finds a new job as the victim/secretary for lawyers, and Shelley is homeschooled by 2 tutors.  They act as timid mice with the few people they meet.  

On Shelley’s 15th birthday, a burglar breaks in, and everything changes.  Their life goes from bad to worse and quickly out of control.  

I happened across this one, and read it in an evening.  It was really interesting to think about the kinds of decisions one might make under pressure, and how abuse shapes a person.


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