Free stuff to start the weekend

Requested:  free Private Selection frozen meals from Kroger stores and free Kroger’s Truly Awesome Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bzzagent, sample or coupon Seattle’s Best coffee, Ontario Outdoor Adventures Calendar, 3 Extra Strength sinus rinse packets, 3 Oregon Chai Teabags

Received:  6 samples of Nescafe instant coffee (including peppermint mocha!) with a $1 off coupon, 3 Twinnings Tea bags (Lady Grey Cold Brew was DELISH, and really liked the English Breakfast Cold Brew and the Mixed Berry Cold Brew, too), Parents magazine, More magazine

Shopping:  free 8 oz of Kerry real Irish butter, free with coupon.  $1 off Friskees cat treats, so for .42, I can donate it to the animal shelter.  We like ham for Thanksgiving, so I got a spiral cut one for $1.29 a pound.  I also picked up the $7 turkey anyway, and will use it instead of chicken in recipes.  That’s a lot of meat for cheap.  Got a tube of Crest, sample of floss, sample of Scope for .69 with a $2 coupon. Target had Cream of Mushroom soup advertised for .59 cents a can–also found Cream of Chicken for the same price.  .25 coupon off of 4 cans sealed the deal.  Got dd some cute pajamas for Christmas…$7.48 each for top and bottoms, minus two $3 coupons.  That’s $20.96 off the original price. Got 2 cans of Del Monte corn and 4 cans of Del Monte Mandarin Oranges for $3.49 total by stacking two .50/2 coupons with a b3g1 free Target coupon, and using sales. Picked up a box of Kashi TLC bars for $1.49 with a $1.50 coupon.  Target is cheaper than Safeway on milk, Quaker cereal, and many other basic grocery items.  For instance, on sale, Stovetop stuffing mix was .89 compared to Safeway’s 1.50.  Captain Crunch was regularly $3.04 compared to Safeway’s regular $3.89.  Milk was regularly $2.49 compared to Safeway on sale at $2.99.  International Delight creamer was $1.79 compared to $2.29 at Safeway.  Target beat out Smith’s prices, too, though I do need to hit Smith’s to find some products I have “free coupons” for.

Prescriptions:  Always ask the doctor for samples, and always check the drug’s website before going to the pharmacy.  I’ve been on some asthma drugs for years, but when I asked for samples last time, she had one for a drug I use daily.  It saved me a week’s worth of the drug, AND had a $25 coupon off my next refill.  This is a $40 copay for this one, so that’s a chunk.  I had to switch to a new drug this week, and went to the drug’s website.  It’s another pricey copay, but I got my first prescription for free, and will get money off subsequent refills for a year.  I take Vitamin D, and even had a $2 coupon off a 90-day supply, bringing it down to $10.  One of the office people at my doctor’s office told me what day and time to call to see if the drug reps left any of my med.  This saves me a lot off at the pharmacy

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