Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen usually has an offbeat sense of humor and some pretty weird scenarios in his books.  This one is definitely no exception.  A hurricane hits Florida, causing lots of damage and bringing out the criminals and crazies.  One crazy moves his honeymoon to the hurricane site so that he can video tape the misery he finds.  Another crazy objects to this and kidnaps him, forcing him to smoke the brand of cigarettes the honeymooner advertises and zapping him with an electric dog collar to force him to behave.  Criminals join forces to scam homeowners, first in a roofing scam, then in defrauding insurance companies.  A son, angry about the sales pitch that sold his mother her hurricane-proof home and her subsequent death, goes on a rampage to deliver justice to the people responsible for her death.  A highway patrolman is furious when his partner is beaten and left for dead, and joins a skull-juggling wealth eccentric joins and the honeymooner’s bride to right the wrongs left in the hurricane’s wake.  The book is quite the ride, and was a little like playing connect the dots.


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