Free Stuff Lately

Requested:  Noisy Planet bookmarks, calendars, information; $15 Itunes gift card from Swagbucks; Hach calendarChinese Paintings calendar, Biosecurity for Birds calendar

Magazines:  Lego, Redbook, Lowe’s Creative Ideas, Woman’s Day, Martha Stewart Living

Received:  Target Beauty bag with 5 diff samples and a coupon pack inside, 2 samples of cool touch Kleenex, Tom of Maine’s toothpaste sample, birthday card (not for me, but to use), sample of Scope and Crest Toothpaste

In shopping:  another free Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaner thingamajig with coupon, 25 photo Christmas cards–preprinted, with return-addressed envelopes for .37 total at Office Depot using $10/10 printable coupon, animal 4 g flash drive for .29 after using rewards check from Office Depot, .44 cent calculator on clearance at Office Depot, free Idahoan Potato mix using coupon from All You magazine, a Beautiful Life Pitcher for shipping only (6.34), Dole Mandarin oranges for .50 a full-size can with coupon from All-You, free Fresh Express Salad with coupon,

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