Children’s: Love Among the Walnuts by Jean Ferris

My daughter swore I’d read this last year, but I didn’t remember it until the 2nd chapter. Then I remembered the book but not what had happened, so I kept reading.  It’s a very sweet book about a fantastically rich couple who raise their son away from all others.  They are close-knit and loving, and Sandy grows up very happily.  The husband’s two brothers are not content with their happiness, or their own lack of extraordinary money, so they plot to kill the family.  Fortunately, it only puts the husband, wife, and butler’s wife in a coma (where nutrition and other medical interventions are unnecessary.)  Thus brings a nurse to join the family, who along with a nearby care center, changes Sandy’s world.  It’s a great commentary on the power of love, for both myself and my daughter, who chose to read it again for a book report.


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