Call of the Wild by Jack London

I reread this classic for a book discussion I was asked to lead.  I remembered both why it remains a classic, and why I haven’t read it for a dozen years.  It really does have great writing; no cliches, life and death struggles, wonderful use of language, and a theme that gets deeper every time you look into it.  It’s also one of the books I hate to read:  something more depressing than real life.  I kept picturing my dogs in place of Buck, and hating to think of that level of violence and betrayal happen with my dog.  I’d forgotten it was so short, and that made it very manageable.  My daughter read it in one sitting (she isn’t a fan) and I took 3, so I could really absorb it.  I did enjoy the history of the book, and the comparison I thought London is making to humankind.  I’m still mulling it over as life continues around me.  If you’ve never read Jack London, this is a great place to start.


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