Winding down the school supply deals

Haven’t been out yet, but here’s what looks good to me:

Office Max:  1 cent rulers, pocket folders, metal compass, or protractor (limit 3 except for folders–limit 5), 2 pack of Westcott scissors–50 cents (limit 3), school markers 15 cents (limit 3)

Staples:  9 cents for 8 pk of pencils (limit 2 with $5 purchase), notebooks for 9 cents (limit 2 with $5 purchase), poly folders 25 cents each (limit 5), hard-sided memo book 50 cents, 50-pack cd envelopes $3, white board cleaner $2

Office Depot:  1 cent for slider pencil box (limit 5), Case of HP copy paper for $24.99

So, yeah…not a lot we haven’t already seen.  The markers are probably the only thing I’ll make an effort on, even though those scissors are a pretty good deal, too.  But one cent items are as close as you can get to free.  Now if only I could think of a really good use for those slider pencil boxes…..


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