Young Adult: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

This is the sequel to Incarceron.  To sum up the plot, Finn, Claudio, Keiro, and Attia wander around in circles looking for the way out.  That’s pretty much it.  Oh, Rix, the Warden, the Queen, and Incarceron interfere and all, but really they are all just looking for the way out of the prison.  Finn has to decide if he really is a prince, or if he’s just trying to convince everyone, including himself.  There’s a magical glove involved, and no one really can decide if it’s really magical or just a prop.  I was very disappointed with the ending.  I didn’t see the story wrapped up as neatly as I expected, and there was so much vagueness.  I know that’s supposed to be something very literary, but I don’t read Young Adult fiction for that.  Hopefully, some teen more mature than I am will really love this ending.  The journey was interesting, and I loved watching Jared the Master struggle with an offer to save his life or solve the puzzle.  If you read Incarceron and like it, try this one.  If you really didn’t get into Incarceron, don’t bother.


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