Young Adult: Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony

This book is set in 2041, in a world that collapsed 10 years earlier.  Molly lives in a Canadian farm where her family is self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, the only doctor dies in an accident just as her mother is due to give birth, and her grandmother is stricken with a stroke in the United States.  Molly is the only one of her family who can be spared to travel to Oregon and bring back her grandparents.  It’s dangerous, largely illegal, and a lengthy trip.  People are ruthless, organized crime is in control, and travel is limited to inefficient trains or planes.  Molly discovers this early on, but she’s smart and has a fiddle.

Despite the abundance of detail, it was hard to stretch my imagination to believe that this was our world in 30 years.  Setbacks were fairly easily solved, and the ending was a little pat.  I was surprised once, but otherwise the story was largely predictable.  I thought it was an entertaining story, mostly for watching events unfold from a distance.


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