Young Adult: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

This book, too, is set in the future.  At one point, technology existed to develop a prison world.  It would be a paradise, but criminals would be incarcerated there for the rest of their lives.  What no one in the outside world knows is that Incarceron is anything but paradise, and that Incarceron itself has become a living being.  Finn has decided that he must escape.

On the outside, one era has been chosen from the past to become the world’s present.  Nothing changes, nothing new is added.  In the middle age era, Claudia is to be married to a prince from another kingdom.  She was ok with marrying the real heir, but he was killed in an accident, and his brother is a horrible being.

The story follows both of these characters, and discovers how they are intertwined.

Although the story is slow moving, it’s interesting.  The characters are distinguishable and well-rounded.  Although the story flip-flops back and forth between the two protagonists, it’s easy to follow.  Each chapter begins with a clue about Incarceron’s inception.  I’ll be looking for the sequel at the library today :o)


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