Good school supply deals this week!

I only needed stuff at Office Depot, and I bought 6 of the one-inch binders for .50 each, 6 spiral notebooks for .01 each, and 6 of the 12-pack of pencil cap erasers for .01 each.  Elizabeth….run!  The supply isn’t very good on those binders!

Office Max has Crayola crayons for .15 a pack, limit 2, and glue for .15 each limit 3.  Skip the pencils for .05 a pack–worthless.  They also have notebooks for .01 each, limit 5.  They also have a 4g flash drive for $5.99.

Staples has poly folders for .25 each limit 5.  Duck Tape is on sale for $3.99 a roll and you get a free colored duct tape sheet with that purchase–could be a neat present for a tween/teen for Christmas.  They also have a case of Staples copy paper for $27.99.

Target has a Five Star 13-pocket file for $5.  I’ve heard a lot of teachers wanting a fridge in their room, and they have one for $59.99 this week.  These dorm sales are nice if you want to get coffee makers or popcorn poppers for the classroom or lounge–$17.99 this week.  They also have a microwave for $49.


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