School Supply deals

Staples has packages of filler paper for 1 cent–limit 5 for you normal people and 25 for teachers with a $5 purchase, ending Wednesday.  They also have small spiral bound chunky notebooks for 50 cents.  These are really handy.  I bought one of these, a binder, and 25 of the filler paper.  I didn’t get the $2 dry erase board cleaner because I have 2 bottles, and they really smell when it goes bad.

Office Depot has 12 packs of pencils for 25 cents, so I bought 25 of them.  Their one cent deal is pocket folders, but I am out of space for them!  I didn’t get the bookcovers for 25 cents since my child needs paper ones, the composition notebooks for 25 cents, since I have plenty, the scissors for 25 cents, since I have plenty, or the Scholastic crayons, because they’re trash.  They have Lexar Twist and Turn 8g flash drives for $10.  If you still need a ruler, you can get a plastic one for a penny.

At Target, Washable Crayola markers are $1.50 a box, and 1″ Avery Durable View binders are $2.  Office Max is done with their back-to-school sales.


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