A very late school supply update

I’m sorry!  I forgot that Staples ends their extreme deal on Wed., so I missed passing on the notebooks for a penny.  I struck out on the other deal I really liked there–small composition books (great for Word Collectors).  They were out of stock.

Office Depot had a great sale on dry erase crayons–$2.49 a package.  We also picked up locker shelf for $3, a gel pen for .50, a planner for $8.99 and a small storage crate for $1.  I got 20% off of everything since it’s teacher appreciation week.  Their breakfast and freebies is Saturday morning.

Office Max had filler paper on extreme deal for a penny each (limit 3) and poly folders for .25 each (limit 6).  I gave my daughter money, and we doubled the limit.  Total:  $1.64 for each person.

I had $1 Target coupons for Sharpie, so I got 2 packs of 2 ultra-fine tip Sharpies for free.  Pencil sharpeners were 20 cents each, so I picked up 4.  I had 3 Target $1 Papermate coupons, so I bought 3 packs of 2 felt tip pens for .94 each.  Rose Art Markers were .50 each, so I bought 10 boxes.  The signage said you got a free pack of crayons with purchase of those, but the crayons are worthless so I didn’t bother.  I had a Target coupon for $1 off a $2 purchase of Post-its, so I bought 2 Super Sticky pads for $1 each, making them .50 each.  I also bought a large roll of Scotch tape for $2.24 minus a $1 Target coupon.  Bic Mechanical Pencils were .90 cents each, and I had a Target $1/2 coupon, so that brought each pack down to .40.  Not school supplies, but Alexia Sweet Potato fries were clearanced to $2.78 each, and I had 2 Alexia coupons, so $1.78 a package.  Total spent:  $16.05.

Used that $10/$10 at JC Penney to buy dd a tank top, pair of leggings, and t-shirt for $3.70.



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