Young Adult: CHERUB Mission 2 The Dealer by Robert Muchamore

As I expected, this was a terrific addition to the series.  James goes on a mission to bring down a major drug dealer in England and tries to figure out girls.  You can probably predict which is tougher.  His sister, Lauren, turns 10, and enters Basic Training. I just love this concept about gifted kids.  When James is on a mission, he can break just about any rule he wants.  To be able to fit in with the target, he can get suspended from school, drink, party, drive a car, deliver drugs…whatever!  When he’s not on a mission, he’s worked hard–ultra-enriched curriculum, martial arts, special training, etc.  He thrives on this.  Realizing this is fiction, it does make sense that gifted kids are really in need of this combination of challenge and being of use to society.

So the major let down is that getting more of these books will cost me some serious money.  Half-priced books has several used copies, but at $10 or more for each of most of them, it’ll be awhile!  Barnes and Noble does have the 1st 3 for less than $10 each, though.


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