School supply deals for the week

Staples:  I bought four 1/2″ binders on clearance for .50 each, 2 Crayola Model Magic packages on clearance for .50 each, a pair of 7″ Westcott scissors for .50 (limit 1), and 2 store reusable bags for .99 each to make me eligible to buy 25 Composition books for .10 each.  I checked when I went in on those, to be sure I could get 25 of them with my teacher card, and figured I’d be able to buy additional Avery 5-tab insertable dividers at .50 each, too.  The Farmington store only allows additional items on the extreme deal–nothing else.

Other items you may need:  poly-covered 1-subject notebook:  .50, Staples multipurpose case of paper:  $27.99.  Their teacher appreciation day in Farmington is next Saturday, Aug. 6th.

Office Max:  It was teacher-appreciation day there, so I got a store reusable bag, monthly planner with coupons, samples of post-it labels and super sticky note pads, a $5 coupon off anything at Payless Shoe Store, a loaded pop up tape dispenser, 2-pack of Sharpie markers, a Command utility hook Command poster and picture hanging strips, a 2-pack of Scotch Wrinkle-free Glue sticks, a box of paper clips, and a cleaning wipe.  I also bought 2 wooden rulers for 1 cent each, and 2 10-packs of Dixon pencils for 10 cents each.  They do not increase limits for teachers.  I was going to buy 2 Durable View 1″ binders for $2 each, but you have to buy 4 to get that price.

Please DON’T buy the 1 cent crayons there–I just toss them because they are so terrible.

Office Depot  I bought 35 pronged folders for 5 cents each, 1 protractor for  5 cents, 5 vinyl pouches for 5 cents each, 3 flower sticky-pads for 99 cents each, a package of coin stickers for 1.87 (used a store coupon), a 72-pack of Office Depot pencils for $3, and 2 packages of divider tabs for binders for 6.99 each.  With my over $15 purchase, I got a free small backpack with a lunch box.  This is suitable for a back up backpack (get it?) and lunch box for a kindergartener or first grader.  I’ll use it for a kiddo who doesn’t have/loses theirs this year.  I forgot to pick up a few clipboards at $3 each.

Other items you may need:  They have a 2-pack of a pretty decent brand of school scissors (Schoolworks) for 99 cents, Elmer’s Glue All for $1, Prang Watercolors for $2, and a ton of clearanced binder clips and magnets at the front of the store.  Their teacher appreciation breakfast in Farmington is Aug. 13th.

Walgreens has coupons for 79 cent Fiskars scissors, 59 cents Rose Art glue, 69 cent 2-pack of Sharpie markers, and 29 cent 2-pack of pink erasers in their ad.  They also offer an 8-pack of Crayola Washable markers for $2 with $2 register rewards back to spend in the future.  They’ve got a $2.99 lock I’ll have to remember to pick up, and a 50-count box of sheet protectors for $1.99.

KMart has Crayola Crayons for 24 cents a box, Crayola water colors for 1.49 cents, and Crayola markers for .99, all with a limit of 4.  They’re pretty hit and miss with their stock, though.

Target:  I picked up 4 sets of alphabet stamps in their dollar section.  These are great for practicing word work (spelling.)  I also used a $1 off Target coupon to get a set of dry erase Crayola crayons for $3.44.  Band-aids were on sale, so I got a box of Mickey Mouse ones for $2.08.  Oreos are on sale for $2.79 and used a Target coupon to save 50 cents.  I used the free coupons I got in the mail this week to get a bottle of Pantene–$3.79–and a bottle of Herbal Essences–$2.84– shampoo for free.

Other deals you may want:  a great price on glue sticks–$1 for Elmer’s 6-pack, $2.50 for a 3-pack of 1 1/2″ binders, and a 10-pack of Play-doh is on sale for $3.99–great for practicing spelling words and working hand muscles.  They also have a regularly low price on notebooks–20 cents and Rose Art Markers–75 cents.


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