Cherub Mission 1: The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

I read the 3rd one in this series earlier this summer, and knew I had to get my hands on more.  I actually bought them new–highly unusual for me!  This one was definitely worth it, though!

James is 11, and his mom has just died, leaving him in foster care and his sister with her abusive father.  He is recruited to join the British spy organization, the CHERUBs.  It is made up of undercover spies who are all highly intelligent, abandoned/orphaned, physically fit children.  They go through an intensive basic training at 10 years old, and more training in academics, martial arts, fitness, etc.  They are sent on missions that adult spies are inappropriate for, with an option to refuse or back out of any mission at any time.  So instead of Harry Potter going to Hogwarts, James goes to CHERUB.

I love the writing style and the meatiness of this series.  The action is fast, and there’s a realistic use of suspension-of-disbelief.  The author gives a great background of CHERUB, and provides Mission Briefings in easy-to-understand language.  Mystery, adventure, coming-of-age…it’s a terrific book!


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