School Supply Deals this week

I left Office Depot tonight with 15 pencil sharpeners, a Swingline stapler, staple remover, small box of staples, and 16 sticks of glue for less than $5.  The manager at this one is awesome–there is no minimum purchase for these pencil sharpeners, and usually you can ring up the limit of 3 repeatedly for as many as you want.  He just did an adjustment for me–easy peasy.  The stapler and supplies were in a clearance cart for $2–awesome!  4 packs of Scholastic glue sticks are 50 cents.

I picked up 4 Handi Snacks pudding at Albertsons for 50 cents each.  4 is the limit, but I might go back tomorrow for another 4!

I also want to get in to Walgreens to pick up 30 of their small notebooks to use for Word Collectors.  They are .19 each with the in-ad coupon.  It says no limit in NM, so I’ll see how that pans out.

Word of advice:  DON’T buy any brand of crayons except Crayola–as much as I look at bargains, I toss other brands.  They just don’t work well, the kids avoid them anyway, and I try to avoid frustration.  Office Max brand pencils are just as worthless.

So far I’ve learned that here in Farmington, Office Depot’s teacher appreciation starts the 13th, with a breakfast on that Sunday (which just confused me, so I’ll get it cleared up) and Staple’s teacher appreciation day is the 6th (boo!  I’ll be in Wyoming then, and their’s isn’t until the 20th).

Things that I’m not buying, but may still be a good deal for you:

Office Depot:  Fiskars student scissors (the BEST) $1–which is an awesome deal, 2 packs of dry erase makers for .50, poly folders for .25, There are also some rebates on either a ream of paper to score it for $1, or a case of paper to get it for $23.99

Staples:  $.01 folders with a $5 purchase that CAN’T be extreme deals, 12 pencil cap erasers for .10 (but they just had these for a penny), .50 for 2 pack of White Out, .25 for a 2 pack of Sharpees, $1 for Rose Art markers.  They also have some rebates to get Zebra pens for free and a ream of paper for .50. There are some really cute portable sticky pads for $1 and really cute 4g flash drives for $12.99.

Target:  Crayola watercolors $1.50, pencil box .50, stacking crate $3, shower storage (or homework supplies or cleaning supplies) $3,

Office Max:  Free tote bag with in-store coupon and purchase of 2 Post it or Scotch products.  I don’t know if they take coupons, but if they do, the coupons here might help.



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