Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo

I was skeptical about this book…these kinds of things always seem syrupy sweet, with “proof” that is as ambiguous as their experiences.  But my dd wanted to read it and when I found it in a thrift store, I picked it up.

The author is a pastor whose 4 year-old son experienced a ruptured appendix–which sat for 5 days before being diagnosed. In the course of the operation to try to repair the damage, Colton visited heaven, where he was cared for by Jesus and God, and met his great-grandfather.  The details he provides are supported by Biblical verses.  I loved the part where Colton has spent years in a game, picking apart what’s wrong in the many portraits of Jesus (what doesn’t match what he saw, that is.)  Another girl who has seen Jesus has painted a remarkable painting of Him, and without knowing who the artist is, Colton identifies the portrait as the real image of Jesus.

I’m still a little skeptical–they have a DVD Conversation and study guide available, and it seems that they’re making a pretty good profit here.  Nevertheless, faith is what guides my experience with God, and this became another piece of my faith.  A good message, even if you don’t believe the child.


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