School Supply (and other) deals this week

Staples:  I picked up 25 packages of 3×5 index cards for .01 each, 25 packages of 8 pencils for .01 each, and 25 packes of 2 Sharpee Highlighters for .01 each.  1” blue and black binders are $1 apiece, and 5-tab dividers are .50 each.  So with 4 5-tab dividers and 3 binders, the $5 minimum purchase was made–$5.75 plus tax.

Office Depot:  I bought 20 packs of 24-count Crayola Crayons for .25 each.  I also bought 4 individual Sharpees in colors I didn’t have for .50 each.  $5.50

Target:  2 rolls of Scotch Tape for .50 were free when I used 2 coupons from the Target website.  I also used Target coupons to buy 4 packs of 10 Bic pens for free.  Their summer items were on clearance, and I found a set of 3 small sports balls for $1.99, 2 waterguns for $.99 and $1.24, a slip and slide for $1.24, a long sand shovel for .49, 3 packs of sidewalk chalk for .24 each, and a pack of 2 hi-bounce balls for .50.  Crayola 10-packs of markers (not washable) are marked down to .99 each now.  I’m watching for Papermate pens and Crayola dry erase crayons to go on sale.

Office Max has filler paper for .01 each, limit 2 right now—will try to get by later this week for that.

Great yard sale and thrift store finds this weekend!  A huge net bag full of sand toys and Frisbees for $3, a soccer beanbag for $2, a loom for .50, a floor lamp for $3, 2 table lamps for $8, fabric for making “tapa” drawings this week for $1, a novel Megan and I wanted to read that just came out for $1, a swim shirt for Megan for $2.25, a BOGO sale on books at a thrift store—got 5 books for free, 6 Heathcliff and Snoopy books for $1, and a Christmas present for Megan (sorry—can’t tell) marked down from $99 to $33.  Since I didn’t get to go home this weekend, I have 20 lamps and 18 lampshades hanging out in my car.  With all the other stuff, I’m running out of room!


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