Mr. Monk on the Road by Lee Goldberg

Ahhhh, Monk is back!  I became addicted to the show a year before it ended.  I’ve watched all the episodes thanks to DVDs, but was so sad on the last one.  Fortunately, one of the writers of the show, Goldberg didn’t want it to end either!  These are always stiffer than the tv shows, especially with Monk, but it’s a great stand in.  There are spoilers in the first chapter, so if you haven’t watched the end of the series, and you care, watch it first.  Otherwise, Monk takes his brother on an RV trip for his birthday.  Unfortunately, his brother is agrophobic, and Natalie associates RVs with satanists.  This is an even further stretch of the imagination than the series, with little of the OCD tendencies attributed to Monk, the agrophobic tendencies for Ambrose, and not much from Captain Stottlemeyer.  It was a fun read, though, and gave me a 3-hour fix of Monk :o)


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