Great deals for school this week!

Gotta brag:  got 10 lamps with shades for $40 at a thrift store today.  The manager forgot to load a floor lamp, so as soon as I can pick that up, it’ll be 11.  With the Daily Five, they suggest switching to banks of lights (6 to a power strip) to minimize the effects of florescent lights, and to save money.  I’m short a couple of shades, but I have enough for 3 banks now.

Target:  I used 2 sharpee coupons here and 2 scotch coupons here to get 4 sharpee markers and 2 rolls of tape free, used the Target coupon for post-it flags or tabs plus another coupon (no longer available) to get a pack for .74, and I bought 15 packages of Rose Art markers for .75 each.  I also needed a notebook for ABQ, so picked one up for 20 cents.

For other products, I used a $2 Benedryl coupon (no longer available) to get an itch relief pen for .29, a manufacturers (I used a $1 one, but here’s a .75 one) and Target coupon to get a Ritz Crackerfuls box for .54, a $1 manufacturers coupon to get Mini-Wheats for $1.50, a $1 manufacturers coupon to get shampoo for $2.59

Staples:  got 25 packages of 8 Bic pens for .01 each, 25 packages of 12 pencil cap erasers for .01 each, and 25 bottles of Staples glue for .01 each.  Also got 8 packages of Staples page markers for .25 each, 10 plastic folders for .25 each, and a High Sierra backpack for 1/2 price…$24.99.   Last year, I paid $35 plus shipping for this backpack; I did some research and it seemed to be the sturdiest.  I’m allowed to exceed the 2 per person limit with my teacher rewards card.  I always check with the manager before loading up, though.

I plan on stopping by Office Max this week.  They have basic pencil sharpeners and 2 pocket folders for a penny each, limit 5 with a $5 purchase.  If you can’t get the sharpee coupon for Target, or you need more, they also have a 12 pack for $1.  All 3 office stores (Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples) have some good deals for rebates, but I don’t do rebates.


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