Deja Demon by Julie Kenner

I’m midway through this series by Julie Kenner.  It’s about a stay-at-home widow with a teenager who has remarried and had another child.  Her first husband and she were trained as young children to hunt and kill demons to protect the world.  When they had their baby, the relinquished their positions and settled in a California suburban neighborhood.  Buuuut, you can’t give up old habits, and it unbeknownst to Kate, it killed her husband.  After several years and her remarriage, she picked up hunting again,too.  In previous books, she finds her dead husband has taken up a new residence in their daughter’s chemistry teacher’s body.  In this book, her daughter has already discovered Kate’s “job” and demands to follow in her footsteps, as well as get to spend time with her dad.  The only problem is that Kate is trying to keep all this a secret from her new husband, Stuart.   You can scream all you want to that she should be honest, but she’ll never hear you.  Makes for an interesting ending to the book.  Interesting instead of captivating because the author skimmed through the climax of the plot.  The first book in the series is Carpe Demon.  It’s light-hearted despite the topic, down to the zombies that appear in this book.


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