Blind Alley by Iris Johansen

Picked this one up from a thrift store, so I went back in time to when Jane and Trevor (from Count Down) met the first time.  This one was a lot better, with a lot of interaction from Eve, Jane, Joe, Trevor, and even Bonnie.  A crazy guy has decided Jane has to be taken out.  She looks just like the 2000 year-old woman that his dad was obsessed with.  He’s been steadily removing the faces of others who look like the ancient woman, but he’s decided Jane is the actual reincarnation.  Of course, Eve, Joe, and Trevor don’t want that to happen.  They come up with a scheme to lure the bad guy to them, in the hopes of killing him first.  I skimmed over places towards the end where the action dragged, but mostly it was an entertaining book.


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