The Unforgiven by Patricia MacDonald

The plot sounded interesting:  a young woman was convicted of a murder she didn’t commit, and spent 12 years in prison.  An editor she has corresponded with has offered her a job upon her release.  When she arrives at the newspaper office however, the editor is on a trip and no one knows anything about the offer.  Fortunately, the man in charge is instantly attracted to Maggie, and invites her to stay until the editor returns to explain.  The real problem is that someone who knows about the murder is out for revenge, and is willing to kill others to do it.

The story has some creepy details that just don’t add up, and Maggie is pretty much useless.  The author can’t decide how to play her return to society, so she ends up sounding like a psychotic flake.   The romantic interest comes across as a chauvinistic narcissist.  And the sociopath is just plain weird.  I finished the book, but I think it was about 3 hours of my life that I wish I’d kept.


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