Scored today!

Yard Sale:  5 pairs of jeans for dd:  $5  3 lamps for classroom:  $3.50   7 tote bags for book bags in classroom:  $3.50  3 Old Navy tanks for dd:  $1    1 pair of pj pants for dd:  $.50  1 floor puzzle for school:  $.50  3 books for school $.50  lanyard string .25

Thrift Town in ABQ:  1 pr. jeans for me:  $8  3 Aunt Dimity books:  $4.50  1 book for school .70  – $5/15 coupon (Thanks, Rose!) $13 total

Staples:  realized some coupons I saw earlier were going to expire today, so I printed them out and this is what I got for $8 total:  1 ream HP copy paper, 2 more handheld pencil sharpeners, 4 Uniball pens, 12 colored folders (needed colored for file folder games), and 125 legal sized envelopes (I use these daily when I tutor).

Borders:  used my teacher discount and a 40% off coupon to get the first 2 books in the CHERUB series–1 paperback, and the other only in hardcover–$17 for both.  More than I like to pay for books, but I’m really excited to read them and get them into my library!


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