Countdown by Iris Johansen

I really like Johansen’s Eve series; murder mysteries with a touch of ghosts.  This book was centered around her adopted daughter, Jane.  It is not one of my favorites, by far.  Jane is supposed to be a tough young woman, but she’s fallen head over heels for a bad guy who has essentially kidnapped her.  A friend of hers has just been killed in front of her, when it was Jane who was really the target.  She agrees to stay with Trevor to help capture the man responsible for the killing.   Events pile up until they are staying in a Scottish castle, delving into an ancient Scottish legend involving a chest of gold, trying to heal a brain-washed former assassin, avoid nuclear attacks on American soil, keep her parents from being killed, decipher dreams about the ancient legend, capture additional assassins, etc., etc.  I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t do romances, and this was a clumsy attempt at one.  It was too far-fetched, with too many dots to connect realistically.  I would like to read the next one about the brain-washed former assassin, though…Killer Dreams.


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