untouchable by Scott O’Connor

Lucy Darby died unexpectedly, and her husband David and son Whitley are coping in different ways.  Believing she’s not really dead, Whitley makes a bargain with God that he won’t speak until He returns his mom.  He communicates in notebooks, which makes being the bottom of the barrel at school even harder.  David finds it increasingly difficult to deal with his job as a clean up technician for the aftermath of  violent acts.   He works hard, though, at being there for his son as best as he can.  There aren’t twists so much as unraveling a complicated knot.  It’s sad, but not without hope.  I actually exclaimed aloud in a couple spots, and found it hard to leave this book.  I’m still mulling over how easy it is as a teacher to miss bullying, and hoping I’ll be more perceptive this year.


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