Young Adult: Cherub Mission 3 Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore

Here’s a series to sink some teeth into!  If you or your tween/teen has read the Alex Rider series or the Max series by Patterson, you’ll like this one.  Finding them, though is more difficult.  That’s why I had to start with the 3rd one–the library didn’t have any of the others.  Oh well–access to Albuquerque libraries may be the trick here.  CHERUB is an organization of orphans in England who have been highly trained as spies to infiltrate cases where ordinary spies just can’t work.  James is the protagonist, and he is assigned to a high-security juvenile part of a prison in Arizona.  He is accompanied by an older, stronger agent as a protector (Dave), and his younger sister, who just graduated from training, will meet him in the middle of his mission–when James and Dave convince the target to escape the prison with them.  The plan is that the target will lead them (and the FBI and CHERUB adult agents) to his mother, an elusive arms dealer.  Lots of twists, a meaty novel, and a great plot.


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