Children’s Chapter Book: Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

This book really reminds me of The Giver.  It’s set in a futuristic city where children are literally chained to caregivers 24/7 in order to protect them.  People are raised to depend on authority for all decisions in exchange for constant protection.   Add the mean orphanage caretaker type and a rebellious child…you get the picture.  Goldie manages to escape and runs away, landing in a mysterious museum.  This is where the staircases in Harry Potter show up; the whole museum changes at will.  A crazy government leader wants power, and he figures out the museum is the key to it.  Goldie becomes fast friends with the caretakers of the museum, works on a plan to rescue her mom and dad for prison (sent there for her escape), learns how to use magic for her protection, and pulls it all together in an attempt to defeat the evil dude.  A little of the Sisters Grimm is thrown in with character of the dog that changes into the last brizzlehound.  A mix of 3 books I really love, some additional thoughtfulness (2 dialects of sign language used for communication=a lesson in cooperation) and a fast-paced read…this is a great book.


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