The Odds by Kathleen George

Here’s another random pick from the library, but I didn’t score so well with this one.  The book follows basically 4 characters that intertwine:

*a group of 4 kids (no, this isn’t one character, but grouped together they make one) who have been abandoned by their stepmother and are trying to keep anyone from finding this out

* Nick is a guy on the run, involved in some serious criminal activity, of which he wants no part

*Colleen is a police detective, putting the pieces together to arrest a criminal ringleader

*Christie is a police commander, undergoing chemo, but trying to keep his life as intact as he can

I liked the characters and the idea of the plot.  The book could just never keep up the pace it needed to have–too slow when it should be faster, too fast when it needed to slow it down.  The ending was anti-climatic.  Even though the writing itself was fine, it was a struggle to get through the book.


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