Hosts by F. Paul Wilson (and other Repairman Jack books)

I read these a few years ago, but found that he has begun a young adult series (Jack:  Secret Histories, Jack:  Secret Circles, Jack: Secret Vegeance)  I read the first two of those.  Secret Histories bounced around a bit, but was ok.  I really liked Secret Circles;  I could really see how Jack grew into the character he became in the adult books.  The series really starts with The Tomb, but of course, the library is out.  No matter.  Hosts is the least of the “Repairman” plot, but the most in the “Jack” part.

Repairman Jack has no identity, but can be hired to fix situations that haven’t been able to be resolved through legal/reasonable channels.  He has a knack for finding a way to expose the hidden, rescue the lost, and stop the unstoppable.  His girlfriend and her daughter are rather accepting of the limited life he can offer.  This is adventure enough, but he’s also the main figure in the battle between good (adversaries) and evil (otherness.)  In Hosts, there isn’t much fixing going on.  His sister’s girlfriend has been trapped in a “cult,” which turns out to be of the otherness.  It’s a matter of survival for all of them, especially since 2 men that he formerly fixed are back, and want him dead, too.

I can’t remember the details of the books, so I’m enjoying rereading the series.


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