Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy

I thought I was getting a murder mystery with a bit of romance.  Nope.  The author buried a murder mystery in a romance.  Not my favorite by far.  It also had quite a bit of dysfunctional family going on.  Personal prejudice aside, it wasn’t a bad book.  Mariah was raped, and when her lousy parents blamed her, she ran off.  She was, however, pregnant, and it actually turned out good for her and her baby.  Years later, her father dies, and she has to return home to take care of details.  Turns out the rapist never left, and has been escalating his behaviors.  I figured out the who done it halfway through, but it was a good journey to the end to find out for sure.  Stick the required hot guy in the story, add a totally bogus teenage daughter (she actually gets along with her mom, never argues or is disrespectful, and is always where she says she’ll be–at 14!!!), and lots of high school friends all grown up, and stir.  Not too bad.



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