One Bad Apple

The neighbor boy is 10, and he was excited when he told me about his summer job.  He umps for baseball games (the little guys) for $10 a game, and he really likes it.  Then he told me he almost had to throw out a coach the other day.  This guy was apparently mad about the calls my neighbor had made, and told another coach–in full hearing of his team and my neighbor–not to “listen to this guy; he’s a loser.”  When my neighbor called his boss, the coach then called him a faggot.  WHAT?????  This supposed role model of young children called a 10-year old boy a loser and a faggot?  There is no circumstance that deems this appropriate.  This is an Aztec coach, and one who should be removed not only from that game, but from all contact with anyone under 18.  Or me.  Ever.  If I’m ever lucky enough to find out who the guy is, he’ll get an earful.  I’m so glad my little family is far away from the world of sports.


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