Awesome shopping this weekend :o)

A new grocery store opened up locally (Natural Grocers by Vitamin cottage).  They’ve been sending out postcards for two weeks about their grand opening.  I visited the store Saturday and bought:

2 Muir Pasta sauce (with a $1/2 peelie attached)

1 Newman’s Own Alfredo Sauce

1 lb. organic pasta

16 oz liquid castille soap

With the postcards ($10 off purchase, free soap) and the peelie, I paid $1.88.  They even gave me a reusable shopping bag (.99) for free!

At Safeway, I bought 6 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks for .99 each.  I used three .50/2   coupons, which were doubled.  Then I got a $3 catalina at the register.

.99 x 6 = $5.94

less $3 in coupons = $2.94

With $3 catalina, gross total is $.06 richer!

Also got a good deal on Toaster Strudels–$1.88 with Safeway coupon, stacked .50/2 manufacturer’s coupon, which doubled to $1, so $1.38 each.

I used a gift card at Office Depot that was loaded with rewards dollars from previous purchases and ink cartridges that I recycled.  I bought a ream of purple paper (using it for a color-coded vocabulary notebook for students), a staple remover to replace one that was lost for school, and a handheld pencil sharpener, cool pencil, and notebook for dd.  All free, with $1.66 still on the card :o)

I got a great deal on Swiss Miss cocoa packets at Target.  I had two $2 coupons, and Target had it priced at $1.02 a box.  They gave the whole $4 off my order, so I got paid $1.96 to buy 2 boxes!  They have a terrific toy clearance, and I got Zumbodies (a Webkinz bug) for $2.58 each .  They’re usually $10 something each!  Up & Up window cleaner was $1.49 after a 50 cent coupon. 

It was fun to score even a few deals, but terrific when I could get what I needed without spending a ton!


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