Your child’s education stinks?

You have only yourselves to blame.  Ok, maybe not the exact people who are reading this.  Unless you have ever complained to a corporation that your 11 year-old’s drawstring hood hurt him.  Or that the teacher was unfair when she gave your child a 0 for cheating instead of letting her redo the paper.  Or that you don’t want Buddhists praying with your child in school.  Or that if the bus driver kicks your kid off the bus for intimidating that other child, you’ll sue the district.  Or that even though your child is learning disabled and LEARNS MORE SLOWLY  than other children, he should still be at grade level, or the teachers aren’t doing their jobs.  Or that you don’t want drugs being in the bubble-space around your child, ever.

Schools don’t make stupid regulations unless they are forced to.  The kids who were in violation from sharing medicated lip-balm?  Blame the parents who screamed lawsuit when their kids shared Tylenol, Ritalin, Vicodin, claiming that the school didn’t protect their kid. 

Teachers who spent an hour today–yes, 60 full minutes out of 270 minutes total instructional time–teaching kids to use their words and manners instead of insults and punches can explain why they aren’t able to teach to the extent they would like.   Even those parents who are on the ball with their children have kids who need instruction in social skills.  But when many parents are actually called,  the parent just laughs or argues.  “You wanted them at school, you deal with the problem.” 

Your kid broke his arm on the monkey bars?  Better rip those monkey bars out of there and call your lawyer!  It’s somebody’s fault!  But then complain that kids aren’t allowed to play tag anymore–those teachers are too mean!

Our most intelligent, most-likely to succeed, most capable kids are not allowed an equivalent amount of enrichment that our lowest, most-disabled kids get in remediation.  First of all, the funding isn’t there.  Of course not!  It’s being used for administrators to monitor testing programs, insurance against parents who overreact, wasted programs that aren’t based on actual research, teachers who don’t show up for work but will sue if they get fired, money to rip out the monkey bars, etc., etc.   Secondly, if we educate those bright kids, they might figure out that the education system is a joke and fire the politicians who run it.

And speaking of not learning, whose fault is that really?  All fingers are pointing at teachers right now.  So I have 2 in my class of 24 (7 & 8 year-olds, btw) who have major attendance issues.  5 have language issues (English is their second language.  They’re smart kids, but trying to learn English at the same time they develop their skills in their first language, which is the best way to learn more than one language.)  3 have some sort of learning disability.  4 turn in less than half of their work.  1 has 3 of the issues combined.  I offer free tutoring, but 2 of the kids wouldn’t read a 300 word book at night or show up for the whole half hour on a daily basis, so now I’m trying a third child.   That’s MY fault that they’re not at grade level?

And who said we can’t pray in schools?  Our Founding Fathers, maybe?  Remember separation of church and state?  Schools are for the public, and if I allow a Christian to pray with my child, I must allow a Buddhist, Islamic extremist, Rabbi….I must allow a Baptist, Catholic, Mormon…to pray with my child.  I must also allow the atheist to express their views on NOT praying.  And who in the world MUST pray aloud to pray?  What was it that Jesus said about the Pharisees needing to be heard, but really they were just showing off?  No one can ever stop this Christian from silently praying for your child, her class, and her sanity anywhere and at any time.  And in this Home of the Free.

The public in general (with the help of corrupt lawyers and politicians) is deeply entrenched in a philosophy of “someone must be to blame.”  How about the parent takes responsibility for the child?  Whether that kid  punched another child on the bus while angry, or that child got a cough drop from another kid at school and choked on it, or that kid needs to learn to be nice or that child isn’t learning due to some external factor, the parent can step up, take ownership of the problem, and handle it.  The schools could lower the cost of liability insurance, allow teachers to teach all kids (not just remedial), and spend less money on in-school-suspension teachers.

And of course, we can always pray.


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