Books I’ve loved recently

Eat, Pray, and Love was one of those I figured I’d skip since it was so trendy.  Even when I was given a copy, I thought it looked to Budda-ish.  Then a friend was begging for a copy, and when I couldn’t get my copy to her, I decided I’d try it. It is stunning!  Thought-provoking, but light.  Spiritual, but not religious.  Enlightening and humorous.  So I went to see the movie.  It was good, but of course, not the same as the book.  Both are about a woman who is able to fund a year-long journey to discover what is essential to her being.  This will be an annual read, I think, since there will be more to find later on.

Aunt Dimity is dead.  Sort of.  In her books by Nancy Atherton, she is very alive in the journal left to her dearest friend’s daughter.  These are cozy mysteries set in England.  Cozy, because there’s usually no bloodshed, and friendship is relished.  There’s always tea when something goes wrong, and a stuffed pink rabbit is a central character.  The puzzles in the stories are much more believable than when someone is killed every time the protagonist turns a corner.  You still have to offer some imagination, but it’s more a “playing along with” instead of jumping huge gaps.  I’ve read them somewhat out of order, and each book takes me about 2 hours from cover to cover. 

I’m still making my way through a couple professional books, so no report on them yet.


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