More freebies today

Target:  10 super sticky Post It pads (printed 10 of these:, 2 packs of Bic pens (8 in each)(stacked a newspaper coupon with a Target coupon, coupons no longer available), 3 small first aid kits (coupon from Sun. paper 2 weeks ago), Clean and Clear sample (coupon no longer available)–all free with coupons.  Got 4 Sharpee highlighters for $1, nail polish for 72 cents, tweezers for $1.24 with coupons.  The Dr. Seuss stuff in the dollar section was 30% off, so I picked up 4 magnetic notepads, a package of 3 mini-fliers, and a package of those weird bands kids are collecting—total, $4.20. 

JC Penney–free shirt for dd (reg. $29.99, on sale for 14.99, coupon mailer + mall gift card from this weekend)

Fuzziwigs candy store–$4.65 worth of free candy–the balance on the gift card

Public Library–a t shirt for dd and one for me–we read our books for the reading program!  DD also got a kazoo (oh, joy), temp tattoo, stuffed mouse dressed in a beverage holder.

The fair–water bottles, pencils, magnet clips, candy, erasers, pens, hand sanitizer, chap stick, fake flowers, tattoos, coloring books….

Not free, but pretty darn close–picked up bell peppers, 4 for $1, at the new grocery store in Flora Vista!

Received:  3 Purina ball caps

Requested: Free t-shirt



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