Shopping at Office Max and Target

Office Max–teachers can double the limit, so I got 6 boxes of markers (.25 each), 6 packs of Papermate Pencils (.15 each), and 12 pocket folders (.01 each.)  They also had book covers on clearance for .60, so I bought 4 for DD, decorated pocket folders on clearance for .50, and bought 1 of those, also for DD.  Also found some name tags on clearance for $1.50, and these will make great labels for book boxes.  Spent $7.41 total.  In Farmington, their teacher appreciation day starts at 9 am on Sunday the 15th. 

Office Depot has a free backpack when you spend $10 this week, so I’ll probably do that.  An extra for a kiddo who doesn’t have one is always good to have on hand.  Their teacher appreciation day is Saturday, the 14th.

Staples doesn’t have anything I need today, but their teacher appreciation day is this Saturday, the 7th.

Target:  no great school supply deals, but got a laundry basket for holding our playground equipment in for $1.99.  They have Rose Art crayons for pretty cheap, but I throw those away when the kids bring them in.  They are absolutely worthless.  I got some moisturizer for $3, Downey for $2.75, Soft Soap for .50, 2 boxes of Ziplock bags for $3, 3 boxes of Kashi bars for $1.52 each, and 5 large boxes of Poptarts for 1.51 each, all after coupons.  I also found a teacher grade book in the dollar section.  The school paid for my plan book, and I really don’t care what grade book I use, so this was perfect.  In clearance, I got my dd a patriotic t-shirt for $1.24, and bought 6 sand shovels for .24 each.  Some good buys!

I mentioned that Rose Art crayons aren’t worth paying a penny, but neither are Office Depot pencils or crayons.  Please don’t buy those for your kids to take to school!


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