School Supplies and free stuff!

Staples has glue for a penny a bottle with a $5.00 purchase.  I bought 2 bottles of white board cleaner ($2 each), 25 bottles of glue (the limit for teachers), a calculator Megan really wanted for .99, and 2 packs of index cards for .25 each.  I don’t need these, but they also have dry erase lapboards on sale for $2 each.

Office Depot has pocket folders for .05 each, which is higher than last week, but makes a good filler.  So here’s what I’ll be doing this week.  There’s a $10 off $25 purchase at this link:

It’s good until the 24th.  They have a case of paper on sale for $23.99.  I’ll pick up the paper, the limit of 5 on folders, and 4 filler paper packs (.25 each, limit of 5).  That puts me slightly over, and I’ll pay less than $16 for all of it.  I’ll also get $2.40 back in Office Rewards.  (if you’d rather buy the lapboards at Staples, they’ll often accept these coupons.  13 boards for $16)

I plan on heading to Walgreens this week, because they are supposed to have poly 3-ring binders for .39 each.  I’ll be trying to purchase 25 of them.

No good sales at Target this week, but we got a cute handbag for Megan (pink plaid) for free, and 4 pairs of Champion socks for me for .99 with coupons!


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